Responsible Business.

GTBS%20GoldNot withstanding the ongoing debate about climate change and the constant pressure to become “green” is the green issue a cost to our business?

The County Hotel implemented a major refurbishment in 2007 and by January 2008 this included development of their green credentials. A Carbon Trust site survey resulted in borrowing some £60k interest free over 4 years.  They invested in new plant, low energy bulbs, re-lagged & reinsulated. They introduced environmentally friendly cleaning agents and chemicals, natural products in the bedrooms, and reduced the number of New World wines on their list. Most of their food products are sourced locally and seasonally whenever possible.  They ascribe to the Marine Stewardship Council’s recommendations of sourcing fish, as well as looking at animal welfare for other produce.

A strict re-cycling policy dramatically reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill by over 75%.

There has been a power consumption reduction of over 27% and therefore a similar reduction in costs.  The cost of refuse disposal has reduced by over 45%.  Overall Co2 emissions have dropped by some 65& and have a significant net monthly saving in costs over repaying the  loan.

The whole team have enthusiastically embraced this ethos and now donate used soaps, shampoos to the Whitechapel mission and regularly make donations of food to Chess, the homeless shelter in Chelmsford.

Tea is ethically traded and coffee is either from Rainforest alliance or fair trade. They  look for sustainable sources for fish and know where all their  fruit, vegetables and meat comes from.

They offer Belu mineral Water, as the company that produces this water supports water projects around the world and have contributed significantly to, cleaning up the Thames ,to providing funds for the Dam in Jaipur District in India which now provides clean drinking water to over 250,000 inhabitants and over 1,000,000 head of livestock

The Hotel works closely with the local catering college and high schools, offering 12 to 15 placements a year for their students to gain experience in the workplace, a number of these students staying  on as they go through university.

The rugs in the guest bedrooms are made from recycled materials as are the bed throws, which are made from 100% recycled Welsh wool produced on restored looms in the valleys.

Finally this year the Hotel is installing 2 new biomass boilers, which will provide  100% Hot Water and Central Heating, reducing the CO2 output by over 7 tonnes per year., These boilers will dramatically reduce  fuel costs, being  over 90% efficient, and will provide a better solution for our guests.

As a result of all these initiatives not only have they saved costs but are contributing far more to the local community, so whether you believe in climate change or not it is clearly sound business sense to commit to the ethos.